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World of CryptoPics - Nonograms/Griddlers! Check out World of CryptoPics, my site and software about Nonograms/Griddlers, the hidden-picture logic puzzles!
Nonosweeper - Play Minesweeper with Nonograms Nonosweeper is a freeware cross between Nonograms and Minesweeper!
Mallet Mania
Mallet Mania is an original Minesweeper-style logic game of my own invention - and it's great!
Splat Splat, the multi-player game of the century!
(Not fully compatible with Windows XP or later)

Very old stuff also on this site:

Pictures of and info about my trip to China (seinen no fune) in winter 2001/2

A page about the Toyota MR2 I used to own

Pictures of my 2003 trip to Australia

My old web site from my university days

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Shira, my mum's singing trio

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