The Official HACK2 Adventure Page!

Do you REALLY miss this?

Yes?! Well, have you ever wanted to program a text adventure game without knowing a programming language?

Nor have I, but now that I've mentioned it, wouldn't you like to give it a go?!
HACK2 (the Hastilow [that's me] Adventure Construction Kit 2) is an easy-to-use but powerful adventure-writing program. Just write your adventure to the format specified in the 'MANUAL.TXT' text file, save it as a file called 'OBJECTS.DAT' in the same directory as HACK2 and it'll do the rest.

Interested yet? Well, you'd better get started then!


So hopefully HACK2 will be used to make loads of great adventures, because I want to put them all up on my web page. For the moment though, anyone wanting to play a game on it will have to:

A) Download a very small example file which hardly even qualifies as an adventure - OBJECTS.ZIP

B) Write one themselves, or

C) Wait until someone else writes one (lazy sods).

Do send me anything you create on it!

Wow! This is cool! I'll be writing an adventure just as soon as I've popped back to the main page.