About me

A few random thoughts

It's a real shame that the typing error in 'Combat' led to the game being called 'Mortal Kombat'. It would have been much more fun if it was called 'Mortal Wombat'.

Old people aren't really old at all. They're just young people who've had a long time to perfect their disguises.

Anything you can do with limbs, you can do with two fins and a tail, that's what my goldfish says. But it won't prove it, so I know it's lying.

'Goodbye' is an anagram of 'Obey God', but 'Hello' is an anagram of 'O Hell'.

French people have no sense of humour, otherwise they'd laugh when I point out that 'Ou est le chateau?' means 'Where is the cat water?'

I can't wait for the day when an American says to me, "I took my pants to the dry cleaner's today."

More thoughts when I think of them!

I'm perfectly capable of having my own thoughts, thanks, and I'll be having them on the main page.