The Chemical Brothers are:
Ed Rowlands and Tom Simons
1991 (As Dust Brothers)

Exit Planet Dust
As the Dust Brothers became the Chemical Brothers, they released this monumental album, which established them as one of the world's top techno acts. The thumping basslines and, er... noises which are hard to describe but sound bloody good, are present throughout most of the album, which hardly has a weak track. The most powerful have to be 'Leave Home' and 'Life is Sweet', but the Brothers also switch to the sublime with 'Alive Alone' and 'One Too Many Mornings'.
Dig Your Own Hole
Another excellent album from the Chems, Dig Your Own Hole isn't as inventive or as varied as Exit Planet Dust, but still sounds equally good. 'Block Rockin' Beats', 'Setting Sun' and the epic 'Private Psychedelic Reel' are all examples of electronic music at its loudest and very best. Occasionally there are lapses like the dire 'It Doesn't Matter', and some of the lesser tracks do get repetitive too quickly, but this is still an outstanding album.


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