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One of the most innovative groups of the 90's... and in my humble opinion, the best ever! Influences include everything from rave to ambient to classical, but at the end of the day it's dance music - and a good thing too!
Death in Vegas
Heavenly Social DJ Richard Fearless has teamed up with Steve Hellier to produce the awesome Death in Vegas sound - or rather the Death in Vegas SOUNDS, as they are willing to turn their hands to any sort of music which goes with a good bassline! 'Dirt' is exactly halfway between dance and rock, and a corking track at that!

"Think big, that's only half as large..."
In the past couple of years, Fluke have changed their sound from a chugging trance beat into a huge techno monster, with the coolest lyrics in the universe and enough power to blow the roof off!

Chemical Brothers
The Chemical Brothers are partners at the Heavenly Social. They've collaborated with everyone from Justin Wharfield to Beth Orton, but you can always tell a Chemical Brothers track from the way the block rockin' beats are overlayed with a wall of sirens, guitars and everything else you can think of...
The Shamen may go on about spiritualism (and hemp) a tad too much, but they certainly know how to write a good dance tune, and they prove that it IS possible to make dance music with intelligent lyrics and harmonious vocals. They also have by far the best web site of any group on the net!
Monkey Mafia
Jon Carter (partner of Richard Fearless at the Heavenly Social - is there a pattern emerging here?!) began recording as Monkey Mafia in '95, not only releasing some cracking big-beat tunes but also producing some stunning remixes of tracks by the likes of CJ Bolland and Death in Vegas. Since gaining five new members, the Mafia have recently released a great debut album!
Contrary to popular belief, the Prodigy were around well before 'Firestarter'. From their early rave tunes to the newer rock/techno fusions, all their tunes have an incredibly high dancability factor! They now have one of the best live shows in the world...
808 State
Originators of modern techno, 808 State brought dance into the mainstream with a succession of excellent tunes that still seem as fresh and exciting as ever. And they have a cool web site!

I do like it, honest! I'm just popping back to the main page to collect something I've forgotten.