Baby got purple hair...
Fluke are:Mike Byrant, Michael Tournier and Jonathan Fugler
Label:Circa Records
Info Address:

Rear Courtyard,
326 Kensal Road,
London W10 5BZ

The Techno Rose of Blighty
Fluke's first album is a pretty jolly affair, with lots of bouncy and upbeat tracks. It's a bit lacking in depth, but is very easy on the ear and has a nice optimistic feel to it!
Six Wheels On My Wagon
I've recently heard Fluke play some of the tracks on this album live, and they sounded great. However, when it was recorded, the group were heading in a very different direction. Most of the tracks kick in with some very uninspiring drum beats and bass lines, then repeat them for far too long. The album is only saved by the superb 'Slow Motion', where the beats slow down even further but seem to have a lot more rhythm, and the slightly spooky 'Life Support'.
I haven't actually got OTO... so to anyone who has, is it worth buying? Or to put it another way, is it like Risotto rather than Six Wheels?
This is the album where Fluke finally made an impact on the dance scene. A million miles from Six Wheels, Risotto is one of the best albums I've heard. 'Absurd', 'Atom Bomb' and 'Squirt' are ALL massive techno anthems, sounding a bit like the Chemical Brothers with a raving nutter writing the lyrics... but most of the other tracks are excellent too, and since this is a low-price album it really is unmissable!

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