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Monkey Mafia are:
Jon Carter, Douge Reuben and others...
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Heavenly Recordings,
P.O. Box 607,
London SW6 4YY,

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Jon Carter and Shirzelle
Shoot The Boss cover

Shoot The Boss
The debut Monkey Mafia album is definitely big beat - as long as that isn't a derogatory term these days! This is the sort of music which SHOULD be played in clubs, rather than the usual tedious house rubbish. Some of the album doesn't quite reach the highs that Jon Carter has achieved on 'Lion in the Hall', 'Work Mi Body' and 'Retreat Wicked Man', but there's enough good stuff here to make Shoot The Boss a quality buy. I can't understand the fascination with reggae though, not to mention the fact that no less than 3 tracks contain references to Babylon! And of course the album ends with 'Long As I Can See The Light' - a great track, but somehow it just doesn't seem to fit in!

Monkey Mafia at Heavenly

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