10) Khofim

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Lyrics: Natan Yonatan
Music: Nakhum Hayman
Arranged by: Gil Aldema
Sung by: Miri, Hanna and Andy

The shore I know
that suffers now and then from longing
like a river bed deserted by a brook
and broken hearted by its pebbles
but each and every one of us
can sometimes feel that sense of loss
and of neglect
of mournful celebration
that haunts the shore.

The shells the clouds
upon the seashore as the wind blows
are ever longing for the home that they once knew
the home we loved and even cherished
but only oceans proud they danced and sing along
while I within my shell
the shell I call my heart
still whisper on the shore

Khofim hem lif-amim ga’aguim lenakhal
raiti paam khof shenakhal azavo im lev shavur shel khol vaeven
vehaadam vehaadam
hu lifamim gam ken yakhol lehishaer natush u’vli kokhot
mamash kmo ckhof

Af hatsdafim
kemo khofim kemo haruakh
gam hatsdafim hem lifamim ga-agu-im
la ba-it she tamid a-av-nu
asher haya verak hayam
shar levado sham et shirav kakh bein tsidfei
li bo shel ha-a-dam
sharim lo ne-u-rav