Shira's new CD of Hebrew songs is available now.

Click on the track titles below for song lyrics and samples.
1. Bashana Habaah (2:21)
2. Al Kol Ele (3:25)
3. Yedid Nefesh (3:45)
4. Hem Bazemer Haze (2:30)
5. Num Tapuakh (2:54)
6. Nigunim (3:02)
7. Netse Hasade (1:58)
8. Shalom Aleikhem (2:57)
9. Tsur Mishelo (1:52)
10. Khofim (3:11)
11. Im Nashuv (1:30)
12. Reakh Tapuakh Odem Shani (1:36)
13. Minhag Khadash (1:35)
14. Gam Bahar (1:29)
15. Mikol Pirkhei Noi (2:50)
16. Haerev Haze (3:01)
17. Sakhki Sakhki (2:18)
18. Or Veyerushalaim (2:50)
19. Yesh Veomrim Anashim (2:39)
Two complete tracks available for download:
Yesh Veomrim Anashim
Mikol Pirkhei Noi

Miri, Hanna, Andy We are neighbours and friends who enjoy singing together.

We have tried to let the songs speak for themselves and hope you will enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoy singing them.

Miri was born and brought up in Sarid, a kibbutz five miles east from Nazareth in the Lower Galilee.
Music has always played a very important part in Israeli life and many beautiful songs have been written over the years, songs that reflect the atmosphere and experience of life in this lively country.