16) Haerev Haze
(This Evening)

Natan Yonatan was Miri’s teacher at high school when she composed the music to this poem.

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Lyrics: Natan Yonatan
Music: Miri
Arrangement: Hanna
Singing with guitar: Miri
Recorder: Hanna

We welcome this evening, autumn with grey clouds and a late summer breeze. The scent of dried seed pods and heavy dew. By the side of a deserted dusty track stand the white candles of the hyacinth. It reminds me of an innocent tune that my mother taught me. The old track and the song that we remembered, when we returned from our wandering in the world – tired, wiser and dreaming.

Tov sheba kvar haerev haze
Ananim aforim ruach kayitz
Nichochei charulim yeveshim
Tal kaved arafel udmama
Ei baze netiva neezevet
Venerot hachatzav malbinim ba
Pardesim netushim ugduim
Esev bar bein gidma legidma

Tal haerev enenu otzem
Shir tamim mitorer bilvavenu
Hu dover et chayav bifshutam
Bezimra shelimdatni imi
Keshir eres keshvil heafar
She zecharnu oto beshuvenu
Mishut bedarchei haolam
Ayefim unvonim vecholmim