11) Im Nashuv
(If We Ever Return)

Natan Yonatan wrote this poem in his diary when serving in the Sinai war in 1956. Lior Natanís son was killed in Sinai during the Yom Kippur war in 1973. He was a tank commander. This song has always been with Miri as a sad reminder of the wasteful losses in the Israeli Arab conflict.
Natan Yonatan was Miriís teacher and mentor, and died in 2003.

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Lyrics: Natan Yonatan
Music: Polish folk
Arrangement as remembered by Miri
Sung by: Miri, Hanna and Naomi

If we ever return to our homeland, we shall never forget the night by our friendís grave and the dawn on the shores of the Red Sea.
When we left, it was still summer, the wild Hyacinth blossomed in the fields. If we return, the cool autumn winds will welcome us back home.

Im na-shuv el nofaikh moledet
leolam zichronam lo yasuf
shel halaila al kever re-e nushel
hashakhar yaam suf

Kshe azavnu shama kaitz
vehilbin basadot hakhatzav
im nashuv yif geshunu babait
harukhot hakri reem shel hastav