19) Yesh Veomrim Anashim
(People Are Saying)

Miri wrote this song in the sixties, when she was very young and idealistic.

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Lyrics: Miri
Music: Miri
Arranged by: Shlomo Verbner
Sung by: Miri, Hanna and Naomi
Guitar: Miri

The world could be peaceful but there is always the danger of power being misused. Other people just get on with living, exchange gifts, pick flowers, always with love.

Yesh veomrim anashim
Haolam kulo kakhol
Akh nikla hu bareshet hashkhora
tsel yakhid mishtalet al hakol

Aval yeshnan briyot
she notsru bishvil likhyot
latet minkha uferakh liktof
vetamid rak leehov