2) Al Kol Ele
(Over All These)

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Lyrics and Music: Naomi Shemer
Arranged by: Khaim Barkani
Sung by: Miri, Hanna and Andy
Guitar: Miri

Over the honey and the sting, over the bitter and the sweet
Over our baby daughter, watch, oh my good Lord

Over the burning fire, over the pure waters
Over the man returning home from afar

Over all these, all these, watch for me, pray oh Lord
Over the noney and the sting, over the bitter and the sweet

Do not uproot what has been planted, do not abandon hope
Answer me back, and I will return to the good land

Watch lord over this house
Over the garden and the wall and protect them from sorrow, sudden fear, and from war

Watch over the little I have: The light and the babies
The fruit as yet unripe, and the fruit already picked

A tree rustles in the wind, a star falls from afar
My heart's wishes, in darkness and now inscribed

Please watch over all these for me and over my loved ones
Over tranquility and tears, and over this, my song.