15) Mikol Pirkhei Noi
(For All Blossoms of Myrrh in the Garden)

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Lyrics: Shaul Tchenihkovski
Music and arrangement: Gil Aldema
Sung by: Miri, Hanna and Andy

For all the blossoms of Myrrh in the garden,
my soul is drawn to the rose.
And of all the fair maidens.
I love you Rose.

Day after day, with first light.
I will go out to the garden.
From all the blossoms filled with dew
a rosette for Rose.

Mikol pirkhei mor, bagan nafshi lashoshana,
mini kol almot khen ahavtikh, shoshana.

Yom vayom behibaka or etse li hagana
mikol prakhai mleei tal shoshan lashoshana